AKS Cutting Systems

AKS Cutting Systems is a 100+ year old, USA manufacturer of CNC plasma, WaterJet and oxy-fuel cutting machines.  Based in Cleveland, Ohio AKS offers a full line of very robust cutting tables.

There are three different models to suit the needs of a very diverse market.  The AKS tru-kut is a CNC X-Y programmable plasma cutting system incorporating a traditional “air” plasma power supply unit, or upgrading to the tru-kut “X” using the Hypertherm XPR X-Definition® plasma cutting power supply.  For thicker material and larger plates, while still using the unitized design, the accu-kut combines the best of Hypertherm SureCut™ plasma technology with over 100 years of AKS superior machine-building experience, built to our exacting specifications. For even longer cuts and thicker plate, the bridge and rail construction of the dura-kut  can accommodate the largest of projects.

The robo-kut is add-on for dura-kut and accu-kut plasma cutting machines. The robo-kut is able to bevel up to +/- 45 degrees with unlimited winding, offering superior contour beveling in A, V, X, Y and K cutting operations, and precision bolt hole cutting. 

The tube-kut add-on system for accu-kut and dura-kut increases processing flexibility while saving space and capital investment vs. dedicated pipe & tube cutting systems.

R.J. Kates Company is pleased to offer the complete package to our customers: sales, installation, training, preventative maintenance and repair.


Hypertherm has a wide variety of mechanized cutting systems available to meet your plasma cutting needs, including integrated cutting solutions, mechanized plasma, laser systems, controls, CAD/CAM nesting software, and torch height controls.

Hypertherm is a 45+ year old company, started by Dick Couch, president of Hypertherm, who invented in 1968 what is perhaps the greatest breakthrough since the initial discovery of plasma cutting in the 1950s. Mr. Couch invented Water Injection Cutting, a process that involves radially injecting water into the nozzle. The company’s innovations in plasma cutting are numerous and continue through today.

R.J. Kates is an authorized integration and warranty repair representative for Hypertherm CNC products.

Kaliburn high current density plasma cutting equipment offers the utmost in cut edge quality coupled with the lowest operating costs and highest productivity possible with the plasma cutting process.

Featuring instantaneous switching from plasma cutting to plasma marking and delivering virtually dross free cuts with minimal cut face beveling (≤ 2°). Kaliburn plasma cutting equipment cuts gauge thick steel with exceptional edge quality, precisely cutting 1″ (25.0 mm) steel at 85 IPM (2.2 MPM) or processing 2″ (50.0 mm) steel at speeds that make other processes look obsolete, we have a system for you.

R.J. Kates is an authorized integration and warranty repair representative for Kaliburn CNC products.

Koike Aronson is a manufacturer of high quality metal cutting, welding and positioning equipment, serving Steel Service Centers, Heavy Equipment Manufacturers, General Fabrication Shops, Power Generation Plants, Shipyards and Offshore, Pipe and Vessel, Transportation and Educational Institutes.

Their equipment line assists these industries with CNC Oxy-fuel, CNC Plasma, CO2 Precision Laser and Waterjet cutting machines, Welding Positioners, Portable Metal Cutting and Metal Welding Carriages for various materials such as, mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, armored plate, etc.

R.J. Kates is an authorized independent installation and warranty repair technical services for Koike Aronson CNC products.

Miller has developed a family of pre-engineered solutions integrating Panasonic robots, servo positioners and Miller welding technology to solve your fabrication challenges. This seamless integration makes learning the process easier, and allows success on many levels, including performance, payback and new technology applications.

Robotic welding automation increases productivity, prevents over-welding, improves first-pass weld quality, produces less scrap and rework, complies with safety regulations, and lowers the cost of doing business.

R.J. Kates is an authorized warranty repair representative for Miller CNC products.

Plasma Technologies has been providing complete retrofits since 1993. Over the years they began providing staged retrofits. A staged system is one that is made in their shop for your cutting machine.

It starts with a site visit from one of their system integrators, or detailed pictures provided by the customer. Based on the machine’s needs and requirements, they custom design your system to meet your needs. You get a custom system for the same price as a standard system from others. Plasma, Oxy-Fuel, and/or Marking processes are supported. They’ll provide what you need… a system that can be fully integrated and not a control panel full of unnecessary hole plugs, and controls.

R.J. Kates is an authorized integration and warranty repair representative for Plasma Technologies CNC products.

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