Rental - Resistance Heat Treatment

Rent Resistance Heat Treatment for Welding
Resistance Heat Treatment for Small and Large Jobs

R.J. Kates rents Resistance Heat Treatments for both small and large jobs. The benefit of the use of resistance heating pads is that they can be used for small heating jobs, such as the one demonstrated by the upper photo, by using a inverter welder as they only require 40-60 volts dc at a very low current to power them.

These resistance heat treatment pads are highly durable and able to withstand high temperatures over long durations.


Rent Resistance Heat Treatment for Welding
Resistance Heat Treatment on large pipe

For large surface areas such as the pipe welding at CS Mechanical pictured in the photo in the right the larger pad units unit can be used.

Advantages of Resistance Heat Treating include:
Multiple zones per single heating console
Ideal for heating multiple welds and areas at one time
Good for heating large and thick-wall sections as well as small sections and welds
High heating temperatures can be reached

Rent AFTEK Heat Treat Consle with Accessories

AFTEK is the sole remaining manufacturer of resistor controlled welding machines in the USA. In 1977, Big 4 Manufacturing introduced their innovative Series 77 Control, and the features introduced then remain at the heart of the AFTEK design: Edge-wound coils for better heat dissipation (thus better current control) and rotary switches for current selection.

AFTEK and Big Four grids have been used to build nuclear power plants, to build and repair US Navy ships, for piping and vessels and with the exclusive Demand Pulse MIG, the thinnest sheet metal for food handling equipment, computer cases, aluminum boats.

One of the oldest welding technologies combined with one of the newest electronic switches makes an unbeatable combination for the toughest welding jobs

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