A very important part of a cutting machine’s ability to cut accurately is the rail system.  In Southern California the ground expands and contracts during the year. In addition, ground movement caused by reoccurring earthquakes plays havoc on the rail alignment.  A factor can be a forklift or something striking a rail.

Rail System Alignment Tips

A rail that is misaligned can cause additional wear and damage to the pinion gears, gearboxes and motors.  To determine if your rails are straight, stretch piano wire tightly from end to end.  Visually look to see if you have any gaps.  These gaps will show a “bowing” effect, either inward or outwards.  Next is to see if the rails are level.  Use a four foot level and go rail section by rail section to see if they are level.  R.J. Kates Company, Inc. offers precision rail alignment services anywhere in Southern California.  Please contact us for more information at 858-565-6960.