Powering a heating revolution—for preheat of moving parts up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit (315°C).

The ProHeat 35 rolling induction system is a simple and cost-effective heating solution which delivers fast and consistent heat for pipe fabrication shops that weld pipe spools for the refinery, petrochemical, power and HVAC industries. Liquid-cooled induction head for use with ProHeat 35, includes thermocouple extension cable and cable cover. The optional mounting arm allows the rolling inductor to ride on the top or side of the pipe.

Optimal consistency and quality

• The rolling induction system eliminates the inconsistencies and quality issues associated with open-flame-torch heating methods

• Temperature measurement allows operators to set and achieve targeted preheat temperatures easily with limited button pushing

• The travel detect system prevents hot spots by controlling output based on travel speeds and turning output off if the part is not moving

Improved safety

• Eliminates open flames, reducing burn as well as fumes and explosive gas hazards

• Direct heat transfer results in cooler shop environment that reduces operator fatigue and improves work conditions